Fabien Coeurjoly. AmigaOS port by Roman Kargin, Daniel Westerberg and Thore Boeckel.

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Odyssey is an advanced internet browser.

Odyssey is based on the same family of browsers that share the WebKit open source library such as Chrome or Safari.

Odyssey can display a whole myriad of pages with support for modern standards such as CSS3, XHTML and JavaScript. HTML5 support is promised in a future release.

This high performance browser comes with all features you would expect from a modern browser including but not limited to: Tabbed Browsing, Favourite Lists, Search Bar, 'FavIcon' use in Tabs, in-page Find and integrated download manager.

With this being a WebKit based browser you will also find that it comes with the 'usual' WebKit Inspector. This is a standard developer tool that comes bundled with Odyssey which allows you to see the properties of the current page and manipulate them directly in real time.
Based on r155188 WebKit (October 2013)
- Javascript, CSS, DOM, SVG, Unicode, SSL, ...
- HTML5 Video/Audio support (Ogg/Theora, WEBM, MPEG4/H264, MP3, AAC, WAV and a
couple others formats/codecs)
- Antialiased fonts and kerning, font families and support for international
- MUI Interface
- Cairo technology
- Multiple tabs and windows
- Download manager with resume and history support
- Password and Cookie manager
- Messages console
- Network connections manager
- Proxy and Session support
- Form filling completion
- Bookmarks and Fastlinks
- Configurable MIME types
- Content blocking
- URL Completion
- Favicon support
- Private Browsing
- Per URL settings
- Configurable contextual menus
- Configurable search engines
- Contextual cursors
- Drag and Drop support
- Clipboard support
- Fullscreen support
- OpenURL/Rexx support
- PDF export
- Printing support
- WebInspector (FireBug-like)
- User scripting (GreaseMonkey-like)