This website

This website is the result of an on-going volunteer effort by a dedicated team:

  • Nikola Tomić (djnick) - Graphics and Web Designer, Video Animator and Music Composer,
    Created all the graphics and theme of the site
  • Richard Lake (djrikki) - Web Designer and Developer,
    Helped with text and application content
  • Michael Carillo (MikeyC)
    Helped with text and content
  • Stefano Guidetti (Lecta) - Web Designer and Developer,
    Helped with text, hardware images and logos
  • George Sokianos (walkero) - Web Developer and Team Leader,

Martin Merz was kind enough to help us by contributing with graphics and icons whenever necessary.

Steven Solie believed in us and helped to communicate with Hyperion Entertainment. Without his help this website would not be online. He helped create content and fix errors.

AmigaOS website is based on Drupal 7 CMS (