Get involved

If you are one of those users that really like AmigaOS and are full of energy, here are some ideas for contributing:

  • Development
    If you happen to be a developer and would like to import your projects to AmigaOS 4 or co-operate with others you can find here how to begin.
  • Design
    If the graphic design is your expertise then you could try to make AmigaOS look better or different. Create new themes, backgrounds or icons and use them at your system. You may also like to spread them with other users by the available community web sites.
  • Documentation
    Create useful guides and documentation how you use programs and create things with your system. This might be useful also to others.
  • Local community
    You may find and join a local Amiga User Group or you can register to the various community websites where you can find and talk with other Amiga users.
  • Bug finder
    In case you found a bug in AmigaOS, you may report it at the official support forum. Note that previous versions of AmigaOS are no longer maintained.
  • Encouragement
    Donate money if you enjoy using a program.
    Even a simple email to the developer is helpful to let them know somebody enjoys using their software.
  • Feedback
    Comment on a program when you download it. A lot of people just download it and don't even say thank you or provide feedback on errors/problems.
  • Beta testing
    Email developers and ask if you can help beta tests their programs.
  • Suggestions
    Kindly ask developers if they could create a new program you suggest.
  • Localization
    Help developers localize their programs by doing translations for them.
  • Organise meetings
    Organise Amiga meetings in your area. People need to share ideas. Doing so will help propagate the Amiga spirit as well.
  • Web forums
    Help fellow Amiga users on web sites. The more organised and helpful towards others, the stronger we all are.
  • Screen shots
    Add screen shots of your favourite programs to web sites and download sites so others can see what they are like before they download them.
  • Advocacy
    Keep on talking and writing about AmigaOS at your job, blog, Facebook, Google+, etc. Every little bit helps keep the boing ball rolling.