Stephen Fellner

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DvPlayer is an ongoing project to bring the ultimate multimedia experience to the Amiga computer. It is a unique and Amiga-only multimedia player, developed by Amiga enthusiasts, for Amiga enthusiasts!

The current version of DvPlayer requires AmigaOS 4.1 and supports the following video formats:

  • MPEG-1/2 video streams
  • MPEG-1/2 system streams
  • MPEG audio files
  • VideoCD and SVCD
  • DVD Video
  • AVI files (including OpenDML extensions)
  • ASF/WMV files
  • AIFF audio files

DvPlayer supports many audio and video codecs via avcodec.library, including MPEG Video 1/2, DiVX, XVID, MJPG, Cinepak, Indeo Video, PCM, MPEG Audio (Layer1-3) and more.

To achieve the fastest possible video playback, DvPlayer uses fast direct-rendering algorithms for every possible HiColor and TrueColor display mode. There are also separate rendering routines for half scale and also for movies with 16:9 aspect ratio so that they are correctly displayed on a 1:1 aspect monitor without being stretched.

Support for using the video overlay is also included. This requires a graphic card which has video overlay capability, such as Voodoo or Radeon cards. For best quality, DvPlayer uses a new triplebuffering technique which is only available in OS4.0+.

  • DvPlayer features an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface.
  • Keyboard shortcuts are available for quick and easy access to functions.
  • Handling of multiple files is implemented, so the user can easily select many video files and step between them either automatically or by the press of a button.
  • The GUI is skinnable, allowing everyone to get the look-and-feel they want
  • You can easily switch from window to full screen display and back (only for registered users).
  • DvPlayer can be placed into AmiDock and the user can drag'n'drop files onto the DvPlayer icon to make them play instantly. Files can also be dragged into DvPlayer's window which adds them to the file list.
  • It is possible to switch between the different audio streams from the menu or with keyboard shortcuts, even during playback, for example to select a different language.
  • The popular .srt and .sub subtitle formats are supported. Subtitles can be loaded manually or automatically. The position and appearance of subtitles can also be configured (font, size, colour).
  • The new 64-bit DOS interface functions of AmigaOS4 are supported to allow files larger than 2GB to be correctly handled.
  • For DVD and VideoCD playback, the DVD drive where you have a DVD or VideoCD inserted will be found automatically. There is no need for the user to specify device names and unit numbers.
  • DvPlayer features an I/O plugin system, which allows external plugins to be developed to expand the functionality of the program. For example a plugin supporting internet streaming protocols would instantly allow DvPlayer to play internet streaming videos.
  • DvPlayer supports Multimedia Keyboards, so that you can adjust the volume using the extra multimedia keys.
  • Nice looking audio scope when playing audio files.