Gianfranco Gignina

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NoWinED is a MUI-based TextEditor that can handle more files simultaneously, using different "pages" for each file. The fact that it is impossible to find a MUI TextEditor on Amiga powerfull enough to be used instead of Notepad/Editpad and other editors does not have a reason. Moreover, switching from one AmigaOS flavour to the other it is not always possible to use the same editor due to incompatibilities. NoWinED has born to be a portable MUI program, and in fact it exists for every Amiga flavour (OS3.9, OS4, MorphOS, AROS). Sadly not all the features are present everywhere due to some minor incompatibilities.

The name NoWinED comes from an alternative information science magazine that never saw the light of the day: NOWindowsMagazine. Initially NoWinED was supposed to enable me to save the articles for this magazine preformatted for an eventual publication, even if with the development and the death of NOWindowsMagazine this texteditor lost these features. 



  • Handling of multiple files through tabs that can be managed via titleButtons", a list, and/or an useful context menu which you can open if you click with right mouse button on right scroll titlebutton (this one appears when it's necessary)
  • Context menus
  • Search and replace module
  • Search into opened files module
  • File Drag & Drop: dragging one or more files on the NoWinED list the files will be opened in new tabs, draggin a file on a page will open it on the current page. Finally dragging more files on a tab will open the first file in the current tab, and the others in new pages (AROS lacks Drag & Drop)
  • Basic texteditor features (C&P, select all, Undo, Redo, etc...). "Select all" does not work on AROS due to the (bugged) version of TextEditor.mcc on this Amiga flavour
  • Usage from keyboard supported
  • UTF support (you can load UTF files and export UTF with/without BOM or ASCII)
  • CR/LF/CR+LF support (you can load any kind of txt file and export text with LF/CR/CR+LF)
  • Wrapping process of your text at the column you want
  • Backup of all opened files (you can set time between a backup process and another one)
  • AutoSave of current file (you can set time between a autosave process and another one)
  • Programmable Fn keys with indipendent profiles
  • Graphic printout
  • Exists on all 4 Amiga flavours