Richard Barfoot

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MindSpace can help you create a wide range of diagrams and drawings. However, its original prime development focus is on the production of MindMaps.

A MindMap is a diagram showing a collection of ideas, themes or keywords. Ideas can be arranged in order or by related groups with lines and arrows showing connections or sequences across the map. Many MindMaps use colour and images to reinforce key themes or connections. MindMaps can be used to plan essays, sketch out a presentation, organise a party - just about anything that requires a number of items to be organised, sequenced and then remembered! 

MindSpace allows the user to produce:

  • Spider Diagrams and Mind Maps
  • Flowcharts
  • Plans, UML, ER and Use Case diagrams
  • Silly little drawings
  • Next Generation Amiga Hardware
  • Simple DTP and page layout stuff