The AmIRC Team, Oliver Wagner (original developer)

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AmIRC is a client for the IRC Internet Relay Chat protocol, originally developed by Oliver Wagner and Jamie van den Berge. Now it is developed by "The AmIRC team" and it is OS4 native no.w.


  • Built-in highly optimised DCC drivers for SEND, TSEND and MOVE, with asynchronous file I/O and threaded network handling. Supports drag & drop sending of files, and DCC RESUME.
  • Tranparent DCC CHAT routes all /MSGs via DCC CHAT if possible. There is an option to automatically accept DCC CHAT connections.
  • Supports secure encrypted DCC CHAT (SCHAT).
  • Ultra fast text output and scrolling. Supports copy & paste for the list text, and allows the use of proportional fonts. Supports colored text and inline display of URLs
  • Internal CTCP flood and DCC bomb protection, and clone warning.
  • Full Undernet IRC extensions (reply codes and additional commands).
  • Intuitive channel display, with userlist and channel mode overview. Channel modes can easily be changed and the banlist inspected via these gadgets. The configurable user action list allows you to perform whatever action you like on user(s) in channel by the press of a mousebutton..
  • Uses query windows for private chat.
  • Supports "smart" banning.
  • Versatile AREXX port includes server message parsing (event trapping) and commandline/script interaction.
  • Easy to use command line aliasing.
  • Built-in IdentD, which is automatically disabled if another IdentD is already running.
  • Nickname notification, highliting, ignoring and kickban.
  • Versatile event handling, allows you to bind sound effects, auto-deiconify, or ARexx scripts to certain events.
  • Server phonebook.
  • Last nick history stores the nicknames of the last nicks you've sent MSGs to, received MSGs from or addressed publically with "nick:". Use the ":" placeholder in all commands which require nicknames, (e.g. /MSG, /OP, /DEOP), for automatic expansion.
  • The TAB key automatically cycles through the list of last used nicks with a /MSG prefix.
  • Nickname completion. Pressing TAB after typing a partial nickname will automagically match nicks in the current channel, just like in your favorite CON: handler.
  • Auto rejoin channel on /KICK, and auto reconnect to server facility.
  • Auto /AWAY after a user-specified idle timeout. Also, auto unaway after sending public and/or private msgs is possible.
  • URL grabber for interfacing with the Voyager WWW browser (or via an ARexx script or OpenURL for other browsers)
  • Single window mode. You can join several channels with opening just a single window.