2.12 beta15
James Carroll

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WookieChat is a shareware internet client for communication across the IRC Network. WookieChat allows you to exchange ideas and communicate in real-time, you can also exchange Files, Documents, Images and everything else using the application's DCC capabilities. When you first download and install WookieChat you will find that it comes pre-configured so you can jump straightaway into the Amiga community. Of course the world of IRC is diverse and global and so there is nothing stopping you from exploring any part of the IRC Network and joining any channel you choose

Features List:

  • Multiple server support
  • "Perform on connect" scripts and channel auto-joins
  • Automatic Nickserv login
  • Tabs for channels and private conversations
  • Incoming and Outgoing DCC SEND file transfers
  • Colours for different events
  • Logging and automatic reloading of logs
  • mIRC colour code filters
  • Configurable timestamps
  • GUI for changing channel modes easily
  • Configurable highlight keywords
  • URL Grabber window
  • Optional outgoing swear word filter
  • Event sounds for tabs opening, highlighted words, and private messages
  • DCC CHAT support
  • Doubleclickable URL's
  • Support for multiple languages using LOCALE
  • Clone detection
  • Auto reconnection to Servers upon disconnection
  • Command aliases
  • Chat display can be toggled between AmIRC and mIRC style
  • Counter for Unread messages
  • Graphical nicklist and graphical smileys with a popup chooser