Pegasos II

Older models
  • Micro ATX form factor (236mm x 172mm)
  • IEEE 1275 Firmware/boot interface
  • Marvell Discovery II (MV64361) System Controller
  • G3 or G4 Power Architecture CPU
  • 184-pin 266MHz DDR RAM sockets
  • 1x AGP slot
  • 3x PCI slots with riser connector
  • 2x ATA100 IDE Channels
  • 3x IEEE1394 ports (400Mbit)
  • 3x USB 1.1 ports (12Mbit)
  • Gigabit and 10/100 Ethernet
  • AC97 Audio Subsystem
    • Stereo audio
    • Microphone
    • S/PDIF optical output
    • PC Gameport/MIDI
  • IrDA, Serial (RS232), Parallel (IEEE1284) and PS/2 (Keyboard & Mouse)
  • Floppy drive connector 

Using a modular motherboard design, the PegasosPPC Platform can be easily upgraded to fit your needs and demands. Using standard interfaces it enables the use of commodity components such as ATA hard drives, DDR memory and CD/DVD writers, as well as USB and Firewire peripherals.

The removable Power Architecture processor card allows the use of compatible processors from IBM and Freescale which utilise the standard "60x" and "MPX" bus configurations. Currently offered are 600MHz G3 (750CXe) and 1GHz G4 (MPC7447).